TESLA Proxy - DVB-T2 USB přijímač pro notebook/počítač
TESLA Proxy - DVB-T2 USB přijímač pro notebook/počítač
TESLA Proxy - DVB-T2 USB přijímač pro notebook/počítač

TESLA Proxy T2


DVB-T2 HEVC USB tuner for computer/notebook

  • DVB-T2 H.265/HEVC tuner
  • recording, EPG, TXT, TimeShift
  • Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10

DVB-T2 USB tuner

TESLA Proxy T2 is a HD DVB-T2 USB Receiver with H.265 / HEVC support for PCs or Windows notebooks.

dvb t2 hevc h.265

It is ready for a new DVB-T2 with H.265 codec and also supports the older DVB-T format. It also features a TimeShift feature that allows you to record and watch a TV program in any recorded location while the program being watched is still recording or pausing a live TV broadcast and then resuming it from the point of interruption.

You can record programs on the hard drive of your computer, and they are also supported by scheduled uploading during your absence. The receiver supports Teletext and EPG (Electronic Program Guide).

  • powerful DVB-T2 H.265/HEVC tuner
  • EPG (Electronic Program Guide)
  • support scheduled EPG recording
  • Teletext
  • TimeShift
  • DVB-T/DVB-T2 radio
  • compatible with DVB-T MPEG-4 HD/MPEG-4 SD/AVC/H.264 HP@L4, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4
  • automatic or manual tuning
  • standard antenna connector, so it can be easily connected to your existing TV antenna
  • direct recording on the computer
  • programmable recording with auto-shutdown capability when recording is complete
  • capture screen in JPEG format
  • dimensions 71 x 21 x 12 mm
  • weight 130 g

Recommended system requirements for DVB-T2

  • Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • 4 GB operational memory
  • USB port


  • USB port
  • antenna input

User manual


Package contains

  • TESLA Proxy T2, DVB-T2 H.265/HEVC USB receiver
  • DVB-T2 antenna
  • user manual


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