The INTER-SAT LTD company was awarded the TESLA brand in 2011 with the aim of continuing the tradition and value it has had among Czech consumers for over 70 years. In the menu you can now discover a number of quality household appliances that will save you time and money. Robotic vacuum cleaners, multifunctional electric pots, set-top boxes and antennas for receiving DVB-T2 broadcasts, multimedia centers, soundbars, GSM alarm and more. A wide range of accessories for all products is a matter of course.

TESLA AirCook & Grill QG600

multifunctional digital hot air fryer
  • hot air fryer, rotary grill, oven, fruit dryer and more
  • 8 automatic programs
  • ideal for 360° roasting on a spit
  • multifunctional holder with grill plate and other practical accessories


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The TESLA AirCook & Grill QG600 is a multifunctional appliance that combines a hot air fryer, rotisserie, oven and fruit dryer into one appliance, bringing you unlimited possibilities in the kitchen. The hot air fryer allows you to prepare healthier versions of your favourite dishes with minimal oil. The 360° rotisserie grill is ideal for cooking grilled chicken and spit roast until golden, ensuring even heat distribution for perfect results.


The oven function allows you to bake, roast and grill a variety of foods, while the fruit dehydrator lets you create homemade dried fruit.


The TESLA AirCook & Grill QG600 also features an illuminated interior compartment that allows you to conveniently check on your food while cooking.



Your meals prepared with the innovative Heat2Flow dynamic hot air flow technology will contain up to 85% less fat than conventional fried food. Reduce calories, fat and carcinogens with healthier food. The new TESLA fryer for preparing crispy and delicious food with minimal or no oil.



Use the digital panel to set the cooking time and temperature or choose from eight automatic programs such as Fries, Steak, Chicken Legs, Fish, Seafood, Chicken, Dessert or Drying.




The large digital display lets you keep track of the remaining cooking time. When heating is complete, the appliance automatically switches off.



The TESLA AirCook & Grill QG600 comes with a wealth of accessories that bring a wide range of uses for your cooking – a multi-functional holder with grill plate, 10 skewer or spit holder, 3 wire racks, drip tray, grill fork, removable holder and a colour printed cookbook with recipes.




Easy cleaning is simplified thanks to the removable door, which can be easily detached from the appliance. This allows you to reach every corner of the appliance and ensure its perfect cleanliness.

  • Multifunctional appliance: hot air fryer, rotisserie, oven, fruit dryer and more
  • 8 automatic programs with preset temperature and heating time
  • 360° grilling - ideal for grilled chicken and spit roasters
  • manual adjustment of temperature and heating time of food
  • Innovative Heat2Flow dynamic hot air flow technology
  • fast heating to the ideal temperature
  • 60-minute timer with automatic shut-off and audible signal
  • Comfortable food control with illuminated interior
  • Door with safety glass
  • 5 height levels for baking trays and grids
  • possibility to insert up to 3 wire grates
  • Ideal for quickly heating up food
  • automatic reheating
  • Suspension of heating
  • overheating protection
  • non-slip rubber feet
  • non-stick inner surface for easy cleaning
  • handy printed colour cookbook with recipes included
  • 11 litres capacity
  • power input 2 000 W
  • heating temperature 65°C - 200°C
  • Drying programme temperature 30°C - 80°C
  • heating timer up to 60 minutes
  • 220 - 240 V power supply
  • dimensions 31 x 38 x 34 cm
  • weight 5.8 kg
  • TESLA AirCook & Grill QG600 - multifunctional digital hot air oven
  • multifunctional holder with grill plate (ideal for cooking different types of meat or pizza)
  • 10 skewers with holder for skewers or spit roasters
  • 3 wire grates
  • drip tray
  • grill fork
  • removable holder
  • colour printed cookbook with recipes
  • user manual