The INTER-SAT LTD company was awarded the TESLA brand in 2011 with the aim of continuing the tradition and value it has had among Czech consumers for over 70 years. In the menu you can now discover a number of quality household appliances that will save you time and money. Robotic vacuum cleaners, multifunctional electric pots, set-top boxes and antennas for receiving DVB-T2 broadcasts, multimedia centers, soundbars, GSM alarm and more. A wide range of accessories for all products is a matter of course.

TESLA RoboStar SP300

robotic pool cleaner
  • wireless operation on battery
  • one button control
  • two powerful engines
  • universal use for above-ground and in-ground pools

Robotic helper for your pool

Keep your pool clean effortlessly with the TESLA RoboStar SP300 robotic pool cleaner. With a high-capacity battery and wireless operation, you will enjoy more free time at the pool with your family. Easy one-button operation without complicated settings and low weight guarantee trouble-free operation. Robotic pool cleaner parks itself against the wall after cleaning is finished, and the LED indicator informs you about the status of the robot. Enjoy clean water without tedious manual cleaning.

Perfect cleanliness without effort

The TESLA RoboStar SP300 robotic pool vacuum cleaner easily handles dirt at the bottom of the pool. Two powerful motors ensure fast and thorough dirt removal, even in circular or non-standard pool shapes. It automatically changes direction when it comes into contact with the wall and parks itself by the pool wall at the end of cleaning.

A universal solution for every pool

The robotic pool vacuum cleaner TESLA RoboStar SP300 is an ideal choice for above-ground and in-ground pools with a flat bottom up to 100 m² and a depth of up to 3 meters. The lightweight construction ensures that you can easily remove the vacuum cleaner from the water after cleaning. The robotic pool cleaner can handle both fresh and salt water.


Wireless operation on a battery

The TESLA RoboStar SP300 robotic pool vacuum cleaner is equipped with a large-capacity 5 000 mAh battery with a duration of up to 100 minutes, which enables the cleaning of even large pools. Wireless operation ensures maximum comfort and freedom when cleaning the pool. So you can fully focus on fun and relaxation and let the robotic pool cleaner do the work for you.

One-button operation

The operation of the TESLA RoboStar SP300 is easy and intuitive, anyone can repair it. Just press one button, the robot is activated and starts cleaning the bottom of the pool. The safety system of automatic water detection ensures that the robot starts working only when it is in water. No more lengthy and demanding pool cleaning.


Quick and easy maintenance

The robotic pool cleaner TESLA RoboStar SP300 is characterized by easy maintenance that takes only a few minutes. After cleaning, simply remove the filter cartridge from the vacuum cleaner and rinse it under running water. The robotic pool cleaner is equipped with an LED indicator that informs you about the status of the robot and the battery charge. Thanks to its compact design and low weight, it is easy to store when not in use.

  • wireless operation on battery
  • ideal for pools with a flat bottom with a total area of 100 m²
  • for both salt and fresh water
  • effective filtration system
  • two engines
  • one button control
  • easy maintenance
  • low weight
  • compact and lightweight design
  • also suitable for circular and non-standard shapes of pools
  • cleans the bottom of the pool
  • LED battery charge status indicator
  • the motor is activated when immersed in water
  • easily removable dirt container with filter
  • Li-Ion battery 5 000 mAh
  • battery voltage 10.8 V
  • two motors, each with a power of 40 W
  • maximum depth of the pool 3 meters
  • plastic filter with fineness of 250 micrometers
  • for water temperature in the range of 10 - 35°C
  • operating time up to 100 minutes
  • charging time 3 to 4 hours
  • dimensions 37 x 27 x 18 cm
  • weight 3 kg
Package contains
  • TESLA RoboStar SP300 - robotic pool cleaner
  • 230 V power supply
  • safety cable with floating handle
  • user manual