The INTER-SAT LTD company was awarded the TESLA brand in 2011 with the aim of continuing the tradition and value it has had among Czech consumers for over 70 years. In the menu you can now discover a number of quality household appliances that will save you time and money. Robotic vacuum cleaners, multifunctional electric pots, set-top boxes and antennas for receiving DVB-T2 broadcasts, multimedia centers, soundbars, GSM alarm and more. A wide range of accessories for all products is a matter of course.

TESLA SlowCook S800 Deluxe

slow cooker
  • volume 5.6 liters
  • luxury stainless steel design
  • delayed start
  • possibility of baking in the oven


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The slow cooker does the cooking for you!

The TESLA slow cooker is an excellent helper for anyone who wants to prepare a full-bodied and tasty meal without spending long hours cooking. Just put all the ingredients in it, set the temperature and cooking time and that’s it. With its economical cooking, the slow cooker prepares food ready for serving. You can use the TESLA slow cooker for everyday cooking as well as for special events or birthday parties. Are you planning to serve goulash during your party ? Our slow cooker will not only cook it for you, but with its “Keep warm” function, it will keep it warm throughout your celebration. Its modern design will also decorate any kitchen or serving counter.

Easy to control

A total of three modes give you excellent control when preparing your favorite food. Two modes (low and high temperature) adjust the cooking temperature and the third mode serves to maintain the temperature of the finished food.


Ideal pot volume and timeless design

A pot with a volume of 5.6 liters will cook for a larger family or food for two days at once. The elegant stainless steel design fits perfectly into any modern kitchen.

Convenient cooking for the whole family

With the TESLA SlowCook S800 Deluxe slow cooker you can enjoy, for example, classic broth, goulash, roast beef/pork, chicken, chili, pasta, meatballs, garam masala , cabbage, perkelta, potatoes, rice, legumes, desserts and more.


Delay start

With the digital timer, you can easily plan ahead so that your food is perfectly cooked and ready just when you need it. It allows you to start cooking while you are still at work, so you have a warm, aromatic and healthy meal waiting for you at home.


Ease of use

The large digital display shows the remaining cooking time. Once cooking is complete, the device will automatically switch to “Keep warm” mode, so your food will stay warm until you want to serve it.

Baking in the oven

The ability to use the removable inner pot to cook food in a conventional oven makes it the ideal slow cooker for everyone.


Convenient storage

The TESLA slow cooker is equipped with a holder for the power cable on the back for easier storage.

Quick maintenance

The removable ceramic inner pot and the tempered glass lid can be washed in the dishwasher.

  • simple control
  • luxury stainless steel design
  • display with countdown of the remaining cooking time
  • delayed start to schedule the start of food preparation
  • practical storage of the power cable
  • automatic switch to "Keep warm" mode after cooking
  • the possibility of baking food in a classic oven
  • non-slip rubber feet
  • non-stick surface ensures easy cleaning
  • removable parts can be washed in the dishwasher
  • volume 5.6 liters
  • power consumption 250 W
  • power supply 220 - 240 V ~ 50/60 Hz
  • dimensions 44 x 30 x 25 cm
  • weight 5.6 kg
Package contains
  • TESLA SlowCook S800 Deluxe
  • user manual